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IndiKal brings together two complementary companies to meet the everchanging needs of our global customers .

Our integrated supply chain provides traceability all the way back to the local growers. Our facility meets GFSI and International standards and we are dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices.

IndiKal is part of the Kalustyan Family

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  • The quality assurances of a U.S. Supplier
  • The value of direct – from – origin sourcing
  • A dedicated global team to support future innovation
  • Sustainability
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Global Food Safety Commitment

At IndiKal food safety is our top priority; whatever we embark upon, we have the safety of our customers in mind. As part of the global Kalustyan family we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our global customers. We bring together the knowledge and experience of food safety professionals from around the world by utilizing the center of excellence approach.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is that the highest possible standards of food safety, quality and hygiene are achieved throughout all of our processing activities. This is possible through the management of our HACCP and HARPC systems that involve a regular and methodical assessment of each step in the production process. This modality incorporates proactive and preventative control of raw materials, processing activities, and processing environment, rather than a reactive approach.

As a company involved in food processing we have a legal, commercial and moral obligation to ensure that good standards of food hygiene are maintained. All necessary steps will be taken throughout the processing phase to ensure food safety and quality; and fulfillment of customer expectations is upheld. It is the responsibility of senior management to communicate the above requirements to all members of staff. Thus the realization of the Quality Policy is achieved through the following:

Implementation and management of the company's food safety and quality management system in accordance with the GFSI (BRC) standard, Food
Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and EU Food Safety Regulations.
Ensuring that all staff are aware of and have an understanding of the company's Quality/Food Safety Policy and commitment to Quality & Safety.
Providing the adequate training for the members of the staff to a level commensurate with their work activity.
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Chilli Products

Our key strength IPM programme for Chilly and Strong Backward Integration model aims at 'producing the buy rather than buying the produce'. IPM program help us to control pests without relying solely on pesticides. This ecological approach reduce the emphasis on pesticides by including cultural, biological, genetic, physical, regulatory and mechanical controls and thus enable us to meet stringent norms of PR levels which is our major competitive advantage. We at Indikal boast of more than 50 Products in different form of chilies. From Raw to Stemless to Crushed to Ground, for both domestic and international market


Chilli Whole

Chilli Stemless

Chilli Crushed

Ground Red Chillies

IPM Chillies

Producing the Buy rather than Buying the Produce

Insects, pests and diseases are major constraints in enhancing production and productivity of spices. Plant protection in present day is mainly oriented towards chemical controls. The continuous use of pesticides led to increase accumulation of these toxic chemical residues in spices. Consumer exposure to pesticide residues is of considerable concern to consumers, food producers, academics and government agencies. In International scenario there is strict mechanism for monitoring pesticides residues across the world. Looking at the growing consumer concern for food safety, wholesomeness and origin, We SAMAY AGRO has adopted a ecological approach of Integrated Pest Management for chilli cultivation. IPM approach help us to meet regulatory requirements and achieve sustainable cultivation by encompassing available methods and techniques as cultural, mechanical, biological and need based application of environmentally safer chemicals. This requires large scale interventions at the very grassroots level. SAMAY AGRO, with its hard earned "Trust Equity" with the farming community, is one of the few companies which is uniquely positioned to usher in this change and deliver long term sustainable food safety to the world. SURUCHI Spices strives to address the challenges confronting customers by tackling the problems at the source.



In recent years, Environment issues are becoming more and more important in the supply of spices. Consumers in developed countries like EU countries, USA, have become more aware of health related-issues and are paying more attention to their diets. As a result, in addition to the function of adding flavor and spice to food, the safety issues related to chilli pepper are gaining frame as well. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are the major food safety concern associated with chilli. Most pesticides and herbicides once taken up by the body go to the war with endocrine system, blocking the body’s ability to regulate its own hormones. In order to stop these dangerous pesticides contaminate the India’s most healthy top export spices, Organic channel for spices is generating increased interest. We, Samay Agro, have always been consumer centric and market driven company. Looking at the consumer demand for SAFE AND PURE product with no chemical residues, Samay Agro is soon coming up with “Organic Chilli” for export market. Organically cultivated chilli means that no pesticides and chemicals are used for the purpose of fertilizer, nutrition and growth regulation. It is an eco-friendly technology for chilli cultivation that maximizes the use of on farm resources and minimizes the use of off-farm resources. This product is free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers offering a healthy choice for the health conscious consumers.

Niche & Other Range

Niche & Other Range

WE DO A LOT IN CHILLI FROM CRUSHED TO GROUND BUT HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT?????? As a leading brand in Spices, we have already carved a niche for ourselves in spices market both domestically and internationally. Apart from our regular range of 50 products of different chilli varieties, Suruchi Spices offers wide range of Niche Products aimed at satisfying consumer needs and demand. Keeping up with the demand, without compromising with quality, our strong Product Development team is capable of reinventing the conventional product and has been successful in delivering innovative products to our customers as per their demand. Our niche products are modern twist to the ethnic taste which will tend to amplify the sensory experience and help make the meal flawless. GET ON A CALL WITH OUR QUALITY EXPERT WHO CAN HELP YOU TO CREATE A PRODUCT YOU WISH... BE IT ROASTED CHILLI OR CHILLI RINGS, WHITE CHIILI TO BRINED CHILLI WE HAVE A LOT OF EXPERIENCE IN CHILLES.


IndiKal brings together two complementary companies to meet the ever-changing needs of our global customers.



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